CNC Precision Machining

We obtained our first fleet of CNC machines in 2010 when we were venturing into machining bigger parts to grow our businesses. Right now, we have floors of almost 80 CNC machines ranging from small to medium and large size capable of performing highly complex operations. Our limitations of maximum swing, length and weight that our machines can handle are constantly being expanded.

  • Maximum Swing: 2.5 metres
  • Maximum Length: 8 metres
  • Maximum Weight: 20 tonnes
  • A fleet of close to 80 CNC machines catering for complex operations
  • Team of highly experienced internal engineering support
Diverse complicated profiles explored include:
  • Seat Pockets
  • Cavity Bores
  • Gun Drills
  • Angular Holes
For components of high volume demand with medium-to-high complexity, we do have our own automated solutions with the assistance of a robotic arm.
Materials machined:
  • Aluminium Alloy
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low Alloy Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper Alloy
  • Titanium
  • Polymer
  • Ceramics

Engineering Expertise

Led by our strong team of engineers, we are able to grow in our engineering knowledge to conquer some of the more complex profiles in the manufacturing industry.Our engineers excel to create unique manufacturing processes, design and development of specialized tooling and fixtures, as well as generating 3D drawings and performing machining simulations.

EDM capabilities

Also known as Electrical Discharge Machining. Generally, we would do wire-cutting for parts with a simple geometry yet high accuracy. For a more complex or irregular profile, we would opt for die-sinking process which can produce very detailed features of the job.

Welding Capabilities

Full range of welding processes with certified 2G to 6G welders

SMAW | FCAW | GTAW | SAW | Resistance Spot Welding

Diverse experience in welded materials

High tensile steel (eg. EH36, X65, A516, 4130 & etc)
Stainless Steel
Super Duplex

Cladding & Buttering Capabilities

Diverse experience in Inconel 625 and stainless steel 316 cladding on variousbase materials across multiple KSIs

8630 | 4130 | F22 | F65 | F6NM | ASME P1 Group 2


Post-weld Heat Treatment & Stress-Relief
  • Up to 900 °C
  • Controlled Heating & Cooling rates According to API 6A, 17D standards
  • Up to 12 Thermocouple connections
  • Automated Track-Table Loading
  • Japanese made Heat-Zone Controller

NDE Capabilities

Diverse experience in NDE (Non-destructive Test) process on various base materials
  • UT (Ultrasonic Test)
  • MPT (Magnetic Particle Test)
  • LPT (Liquid Penetration Test)

Inspection Aptitude

Stringent quality control using our experience with our inspection methods and CMM competence, to ensure the best quality of our products.
  • CMM Capabilities
  • Other Inspection Capabilies

CMM Capabilities

  • More than 5 CMM machines owned
  • Advanced Software with CAD Capabilities
  • Measurable accuracy ranging from 5 to 35 microns
  • Inspecting large components up to a maximum weight of 6.5 tonnes

Some of our CMM variants used:

Hexagon (Brown & Sharpe) Global Silver Performance

Measuring Range: 1200x2200x1000

Hexagon (Brown & Sharpe)
Global Advantage

Measuring Range: 2000x3300x1500

Brown & Sharpe
Romer 7530

Measuring Range: 3.0m

Other Inspection Capabilities

  • Borescope Inspection
  • Image Dimension Measuring System
  • Smart Scope
  • Profile Projector
  • Clad Thickness Measurement
  • Positive Material Index (PMI) measuring equipment
Profile Projector
Cladding Thickness Checking
PMI (Positive MaterialIdentification)
Image Dimension Measuring System