About Fifth Engineering

Aerospace Industry

Merging with AME in 2016, Fifth is equipped with certification AS9100 to fully support with tight tolerances for the precision machining of components in the aerospace industry.


Raising our employees skills and productivity are the source of our vast strength to provide corporate Intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality.


Enhancement of quality of our products are the end result of our team’s efforts in meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Plant Facilities

Reinforcement of our facilities ensures our technological advancement. With facility improvement, our plant capacity is increased enabling us to build the best quality products at the shortest possible time frame.


Enrichment of profitability is required to ensure our survival and grow. Our improved efficiency also helps our customers to achieve cost leadership.

Quality Control

We are committed to quality at every phase of our production. To this end, we have been certified and compliant with the AS9100 standard.


AS 9100

Machining of Precision

Engineering Parts for the Aerospace Industry