Corporate & Social Responsibility

AME recognizes and incorporates the
importance of business sustainability in our work and for our
people, this is upheld within our Business Ethics Policy.

Business Ethics Policy

Managing Director Foreword

Business ethics forms a big part of AME’s Core Values in our day to day activities. In AME, we believe it is important to apply the code in all business dealings in order to have a sustainable business model, and to maintain the good faith which our employees, our customers, and our strategic business partners have entrusted in us.

AME strives to always improve our performance in a fast changing, competitive world and remain true to our principles. They are the bedrock of our success. Not only what we do, but how we do it are equally important. This attitude helps us create trust in our dealings with our colleagues and our customers and create success in our markets.

As companies operate globally and focused on sustainable growth, we adhere to national and international laws, including those aimed at combating corruption, promoting fair competition and human rights. We operate in ways that respect ethical, ecological and social interests.

As an employee, you shall practice the following elements set-forth. You are requested to discuss any uncertainties you may have in respect to the application of the code with your HODs.

Steven Toy, Managing Director

HSE & SG Secure

1. Understand and comply to the Safety Policy.

2. Ensure Safety & Health Management Systems are effectively implemented and maintained.

3. Prior to any activities, understand the risks and take necessary measures & actions to prevent incidents from happening.

4. STOP any work which may be deemed unsafe.

5. Demonstrate personal ownership, commitment and involvement in
ongoing implementation of Safety & Health Management System.

6. Communicate HSE rules and roles to employees and visitors.

7. Follow up on HSE concerns.

8. Identify relevant workplace threats and terror attacks and communicate and implement control measures.


1. Understand and comply to the Quality Policy.

2. Apply quality leadership by example through meeting requirements,
continuous learning and improvement.

3. Comply to procedures and instructions in order to prevent nonconformity.

4. Engage in any improvement processes that may occur.

5. Monitor and engage suppliers, ensuring that they constantly meet
requirements and drive improvements.

6. Address nonconformities positively, with continuous improvement in mind.


1. Apply zero tolerance to corruption.

2. Ensure all accounting records reflects the nature of transaction.

3. Pay all business partners in the country where work was performed.

4. Observe “Fair Play” in all business dealings, especially price fixing and sharing confidential information to gain an unfair commercial advantage in business dealings.

5. DO NOT offer, pay, solicit or accept bribes with the intent of gaining a
commercial advantage or influencing a decision.

6. Prevent money laundering activities within our business, and transfer money only to legal and natural persons whom we have identified.

Information Protection

1. Protect confidential information entrusted by others, especially customer’s intellectual property. Confidential information includes those from your previous employer, similarly when you leave the Company, confidential information shall not to disclosed.

2. Ensure Non-disclosure Agreement is in practice prior to collaboration.

3. DO NOT use un-authorized software or programs.

4. Comply with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) policies, exercise
requisite care to protect personal data.

Conflict of Interest

1. Act only in Company’s interest for all business activities.

2. Report all outside interests that create or could appear to create a conflict of interest.

3. Seek Management approval prior to taking a position with an outside business.

4. DO NOT misuse company resources for personal gain.

5. DO NOT assume that a conflict does not matter due to its small monetary amount.

6. DO NOT let a conflict of interest issue linger for too long before taking action.

Accurate Records

1. Records shall be incompliance to relevant procedures in the ISP/SWIs.

2. Manufacturing Record Books (MRBs) shall be attributable, legible,
contemporaneous, original, and accurate (ALCOA).

3. Data shall be accurate and traceable.

4. DO NOT amend or falsify records to serve own purpose.

Gifts, Entertainments & Hospitality

1. Gifts, entertainments and hospitality shall be done in moderation so that it is incapable of being interpreted as bribery.

2. DO NOT provide anything of value to gain or retain an improper business advantage.

3. DO NOT violate local law, or customer’s rules and business guidelines.

Human Rights

1. Observe and support the principles set out in Ministry of Manpower
Singapore. and adhere to local laws.

2. To provide equal opportunities for all employees regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, marital status or age.


We believe that sustainability is an important step towards the future.