Our Services

Full Turnkey Solution Provider

At AME International Pte Ltd, our goal is to provide a peace of mind solution to our customers. We aim to harness the best engineering techology to deliver promise to our valved customers. By ordering with AME, you may rest assured we have dedicated teams working tirelessly to fulfil your needs!


Our Procurement Team will help to source and procure the raw materials needed to manufacture the end products given as specified or from our customers’ approved vendor list.

Our Quality Team has engineers who are well-versed with material science that assures all material certificates are compliant to necessary specifications.

Large Format Machining

With a fleet of more than 30 CNC Machines, compromising of horizontal boring, vertical and horizontal lathe and various milling machine that are able to support max swing up to 3 metres, max length to 4 metres and max 15 tonnes, we are confident that the demands for large scale products production will not be a problem.

Diverse & Complex Machining

Our machines are more than capable of handling complicated profile such as seat pocket, cavity bore, gun drills and angular holes with our extensive and diverse range of tooling.

Products consist of but not limited to: Casing Hangers, Tubing Hangers, Receptacles, Connectors, Hubs, Pups, Pressure Caps, Production Wing Blocks, Christmas Tree Blocks, Hydraulic Connectors (Outer Cylinder, Primary Pistons, Upper Body, Locking Segments, Reaction Rings), Bonnets, Seals, Gate Valves, Actuators, Ball Valves, Clamp Screws, Lock Rings.

Small Scale Machining

With our machine’s accuracy and precision, we are competent in producing mass production for small scale products that require very close tolerances.


To save cost from using expensive raw materials (such as Inconel) to manufacture the whole products, we provide cladding services (using GTAW cladding machines) as means to fuse different types of material such as Inconel 625 (based on customers’ requirements and procedures) in order to manufacture cost-effective and top quality products to our customers.


We providing welding as part of fabrication and sculptural process by fusing or joining different materials together.

With 20 years of welding experience, our company boasts industry’s lowest defect rate that beats most competition.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

We provide in-house NDT such as Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI), Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Positive Material Identification (PMI) to meet our customers’ needs. We can also subcontract NDT to approved vendor list provided by our customers.

Quality Control Inspection

We provide quality control inspection using various measuring instruments and devices such as fully equipped CMM (Zeiss & Hexagon) with top-of-the-line advanced software to measure any geometrical or free form components with an accuracy from 3 microns. We also generate full dimension reports when needed as part of our quality service.


Nitriding is a heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface.

We provide this value added service as part of our full turnkey solutions.


AME increases our value add by working with the best coating houses in Singapore that provides most coating processes, types and colours including Xylan, Phosphate and other surface treatment to protect components against corrosion.


We provide assembly service to our customers if their manufactured products require assembly.


All the construction works of AME International Pte Ltd plant was built by ourselves. If customers are interested in construction services, feel free to contact us and rest assured as we are certified by Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

To find out more about our services or for any partial scope services, please contact our sales team at sales@ame-st.com or call (65) 6558 7875 to find out more!